GoDrive Pro

Say goodbye to low storage on
iPhone & iPad forever

Buy GoDrive Pro: Say goodbye to low storage on iPhone forever


Are you worried about…

“Low Storage” to capture perfect photos/videos or to download apps on iPhone/iPad?
GoDrive Pro empowers you to do more by freeing up space on your iPhone & iPad.

Unlimited Data Storage with MicroSD

Unlimited & Customizable Data Storage. Define expansion capacity based on your MicroSD.

Quickly transfer photos, videos, music and other files to GoDrive Pro and free up internal storage space. No more data transfer hassles.

Hyper MicroSD Reader - Connect all devices

GoDrive Pro with iPhone can read/transfer/share data from Digital Camera, DashCam, UAV, GoPro and all other devices that use MicroSD.

How does it work?

  • Remove MicroSD


    Remove MicroSD from your Digital Camera/Dash Cam/UAV/GoPro

  • Insert MicroSD


    Insert MicroSD into GoDrive Pro

  • Download “GoDrive” App


    Download “GoDrive” App, Insert “GoDrive Pro” into your iPhone/iPad, and enjoy viewing/sharing all your files.

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Replace all other Cables & Flash Drives

Replace all other Cables & Flash Drives

No need to carry multiple accessories.

Only for a fraction of the price.

Offers incredible features and portability over multiple accessories.

Fast Charging

just 20 minutes & charge up to 50%

Halos GoDrive Pro is made of tinned copper core and Apple's Original Lightning C68A connector- enabling quick charge.

Easy & Fast Backup

Easy & Fast Backup

Phone Lost/Difficult backup process on PCs/Slow Cloud Services/Cloud Account Hacked? Ultimately, lost your files?

GoDrive Pro solves all those problems by backing up your photos/videos/contacts offline.

High-Quality Entertainment

Transfer HD movies or HQ music from Mac/PC to GoDrive Pro.

Enjoy a seamless entertainment experience directly on your iPhone/iPad, without occupying any internal storage.

High-Quality Entertainment

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Portable Digital Assets Manager

More Photos, More Videos, More Music

More Devices & More Possibilities with GoDrive Pro