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HalosStore.co.uk is the official UK site for Halos products.

Company Profile

BlueHalo Internet Inc., established in August 2013, is an innovative technology company focused on providing the most advanced & intelligent storage products and services for individuals and families. It’s products & services are based on internet, hardware, and artificial intelligence technologies to enhance the value of precious private data, enabling a user to access his/her photos, videos and other documents anytime, anywhere with advanced sharing capabilities.

BlueHalo Internet Inc. was founded by internet entrepreneur Mr. Job Qin. He has been in the Internet Industry for more than 10 years. He has a Master of Computer Engineering degree and has handled products with more than a billion users, as a product manager. He founded another company in 2009, which was later acquired by the world's largest internet security company - 360 Internet Security. He, then joined 360 Internet Security, responsible for its network shield products, covering more than 600 million users across China.

On September 8, 2016, BlueHalo Internet Inc. successfully released its IPO and started its journey as a public company.

Since its inception, BlueHalo Internet Inc., has maintained a surprising growth rate. In 2016, BlueHalo Internet Inc. had accumulated over 30 million users by cooperating with over 20 million electronic retail stores in more than 600 cities.

BleuHalo’s main products are as follows

CatDrive - A multi-user storage device that can be connected with your home network. It automatically backs up and centralizes all your content safely that is only accessible to specific user(s).

GoDrive - A series of mobile phone external storage devices. The series includes GoDrive Pro, GoDrive mini and GoDrive Plus. These devices play a role of being portable data asset managers.

Halos OS - An open system for digital assets management. It enables data connection with mobile internet, artificial intelligence technology to help its users manage large private data - conveniently, quickly, safely for them to read/view/share their precious data.

“To Manager & Empower everyone’s digital assets anytime, anywhere” is the company's vision. We know that data is precious. It has its economic, historic and emotional value which can’t be matched. We help people improve its value and accessibility.