GoDrive Pro: Say goodbye to low storage on iPhone forever

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MicroSD Reader & Quick Charge for iPhone / iPad all in one with best App for data transfer.

GoDrive Pro - MicroSD Reader & Quick Charger for iPhone /iPad all in one with the best App for data transfer. Change your digital lifestyle, you can’t  stop it after you start using it. 

Who are we  

Halos AI Inc., established in CA ,is an innovative technology company focused on providing the most advanced & intelligent storage products and services for individuals and families. It’s products & services are based on internet, hardware, and artificial intelligence technologies to enhance the value of precious private data, enabling a user to access his/her photos, videos and other documents anytime, anywhere with advanced sharing capabilities. 

Our vision: “To Manage & Empower everyone’s digital assets anytime, anywhere”. We know that data is precious. It has its economic, historic and emotional value which can’t be matched. We help people improve its value and accessibility.

GoDrive Pro


Have you been suffering ?

“No More Storage” to capture more photos & videos or to download more App on iPhone & iPad.

Does iTunes seems troublesome while transferring files from Mac or PC to your iPhone or iPad? 

Is it hard to transfer files from digital camera, GoPro or other devices to your iPhone & iPad?

GoDrive Pro is the answer to all of your question. It adds more storage on your iPhone & iPad and gives you the liberty to do so much more!